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Best of WLAN Professionals Conference ( WLPC) EU 2019 Summarized

WLAN Pros Conferences are the #1 conferences for the geekest of the Wi-Fi geeks. We go behind and in front of the scenes at WLPC EU 2019 in Prague.

We take on the two other leading wireless media giants, the Clear-to-Send Podcast and Wi-Fi Ninjas.

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Random Quotes = Instant Credibility Boost

Really good show! Keep up the bants!

John Foster

I heard there was some banter, I was right on it

Colin Hardacre

“Awesome show.

It struck the perfect balance between train wreck and dumpster fire.

Anonymous viewer (identify yourself!!)

“It’s about time you guys did something worthwhile.

Scott Lester

The Gits

Meet The Gits.

He is everywhere.

He knows everybody.

Some say his brain can demodulate Wi-Fi.

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